Happy New Year everyone!! This is the time to start thinking about your goals and what you would like to accomplish for 2017. For me, I am looking to push myself harder when I work out. I want to travel more and learn to enjoy the little things in life. Additionally, I want to improve myself and not care about what other people think about me. My trainer has really been pushing me in all of my workouts and this one is one of my favorites for the glutes. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Fun Ab Workout

Summer is literally only a few months away and its about that time to start prepping for that summer body. I am a huge fan of fitness and making sure I feel confident about my body. I recently (about a month) became dairy free. Yup, that’s right I gave up all dairy. It was definitely tough at first since I use to consume cheese on a daily basis but I have to say I’ve never felt better! I have so much more energy and I don’t feel tired or bloated anymore. I love working out with a friend because you can each push each to go one step further. Below is a fun ab workout that my roommate and I love. It really works the abs and it’s actually fun to do! If you have any other great workout tips, please let me know! Tonight I am going to my first vegan restaurant with my friends. I will let you all know how it goes!
Ab Workout