Provenance Meals – Organic Meal Delivery at Your Door

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As a busy New Yorker working a full time job, handling my blog, and also getting my fitness routine in, I sometimes lose track of time and find myself not having time to meal prep, Honestly there have been days where I just run into my favorite health food store to grab a meal to go when I work late or when I come home late from the gym. I always try to stay away from unhealthy take out places – yes that means NO to Chinese take out, mexican food, or anything processed and unnatural. I am so grateful to have found Provenance Meals – an organic meal delivery service that delivers prepared meals and detox programs that are gluten free and dairy free! The meals and detoxes are delivered to your home or office in the greater NYC area. Every meal is made from scratch and I love the fact how Provenance Meals has kept me on track to stay healthy and clean.

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I did the four day meal plan since Monday – Thursday are usually my busiest days. My meals were delivered to me on Monday and Wednesday and each delivery had 2 days worth of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Let me just tell you that every meal is absolutely delicious! The meals are all different and it’s usually stuff you would never think of making! One of the days I had this incredible savory oatmeal made with carrots and scallions. It was seriously unbelievable and something I would never have thought would taste so scrumptious. Another one of my favorites was a vegan enchilada. I honestly wish I was eating that right now as I’m writing this article. Every meal was the right portion and filling. If you’re looking for clean delicious meals that will help you stay on track, check out Provenance Meals. Believe me, they will hep make your busy life that much easier.

Below is a picture of me eating my Provenance Meals after my workout from the gym. 

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