What’s Inside My Gym Bag?


Staying fit and active is a lifestyle that my trainer has taught me to love and I can’t thank him enough for how amazing and confident I feel everyday. Blogging is not my full time job. In fact, I work a 9-6 job and trying to stick to a consistent work out routine can sometimes be tough but I always make an effort to work out at least 5 x a week (unless I am VERY busy or under the weather). I usually hit the gym right after work or sometimes (if I don’t stay up too late) I will go in the morning. Either way I always make sure I pack my necessities for the gym. So what is in my gym bag you ask?

1. Beats by Dre wireless headsets – INVEST IN THESE!!! If you’re anything like me, I can not work out with headphones that are not wireless. My work outs require a lot of movements and jumps so I like having wireless headphones that allow my body to move freely.  I have to be able to listen to music when I work out otherwise I lose motivation. Most of the time I work out by myself, so these Beats by Dre wireless headphones are a must for me. It is the first thing I make sure I have in my bag.

2. Garnier Micellar Water – Make up remover is a must for me. I do not wear any makeup while working out because I sweat A LOT. No joke, I always make sure I have a gym towel with me because I feel like I am constantly wiping my sweat. I know that sounds gross, but hey I am being brutally honest here! I feel like makeup wipes do not get all the grime and dirt off my face so I am really happy to have discovered micellar water. You just soak a cotton pad and swipe it across your eyes and face. Every trace of makeup comes off and I love how it does not dry out my skin.

3. Swell Water Bottle – It is always super important to stay hydrated while working out. Sometimes I know I do not drink enough water but I make an effort to try to drink as much water as possible. I love Swell Water Bottles because it keeps my water cold for 24 hours and I personally love drinking really cold water. It’s just refreshing and keeps me energized during my work outs.

4. A healthy snack – I am always hungry after I work out and sometimes I feel like I need to eat something right away to satisfy my hunger. I like to always have some sort of healthy snack in my bag whether its raw nuts such as almonds or cashews or a natural nutritious bar. My favorite kind of protein bar are RX Bars. They are 100% all REAL ingredients. No artificial sweeteners, no added sugar, and they’re dairy free and soy free.

5. A stylish cap – I mean don’t we all want to look stylish still even after an intense workout? For me, my hair usually looks like a disaster from all the sweat, so I like throwing my hair in a tight ponytail and throwing on a stylish athletic cap. One of my favorites that I am currently obsessed with wearing is this white Adidas cap. It’s super lightweight, built with UV protection, and basically matches well with every workout outfit!

Remember working out should never be a chore, it should be part of your lifestyle. It’s all about the journey and the steps you take to live that better lifestyle. Stay fit and active!


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Happy New Year everyone!! This is the time to start thinking about your goals and what you would like to accomplish for 2017. For me, I am looking to push myself harder when I work out. I want to travel more and learn to enjoy the little things in life. Additionally, I want to improve myself and not care about what other people think about me. My trainer has really been pushing me in all of my workouts and this one is one of my favorites for the glutes. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Tips On Living a Dairy-Free Life

fitness - lifestyle I’ve been 8 months dairy-free and the feeling is absolutely amazing. With a consistent work out plan and eating a healthy diet, I have never felt so confident in my body and skin. Cutting dairy was a huge deal considering my lifestyle before no dairy was eating pizza and anything with cheese on weekends or the occasional weekday dinner with friends. I have also made the decision to cut meat, but I still eat fish and eggs. I will share more of that on another post! So if you’re debating whether or not to go dairy free (or maybe trying to cut back on dairy), I wanted to share with you some tips on how I have stayed dairy free. Would I ever eat dairy again? Honestly I don’t have the desire to have dairy but when I do make a trip to Italy I have to admit I will break my dairy free diet and have some cheese because life is about balance and enjoying yourself.

  1. Slowly cut dairy by only having it once or twice a week or on weekends only – Before I became fully dairy-free I decided to cut dairy during the week and only had dairy on the weekends. I made sure I was eating a well-balanced diet with no dairy and on weekends would treat myself to a slice of pizza or delicious mac & cheese. It may be hard at first but your body will slowly adjust to this change.
  2. Try dairy free alternatives – There are a ton of alternatives that will help with you dairy cravings. If you love milk, try coconut or almond milk. My favorite is a coconut and almond milk combo. Rice or hemp milk is also another amazing alternative. Looking for a delicious cheese alternative? My absolute favorite is Daiya. It’s delicious sprinkled in salad or even better melted.
  3. Go and try vegan restaurants – Living in NYC is the one of the best cities to try vegan restaurants because it’s the only restaurants I know that are 100% dairy free. Seriously grab a friend or your boyfriend/fiance/husband and try a vegan restaurant. You will be amazed at all the dairy-free options. From diary-free pizza to desserts, the options are endless. Some of my favorites are By Chloe, Blossom, Red Bamboo, and Candle 79.
  4. Surround yourself with amazing friends and family – When I decided to go dairy-free my friends and family were extremely supportive. Whenever I go out to dinner with my friends and family they always make sure there is something I can eat on the menu. I’ve even got some of my friends to try vegan restaurants with me and they loved it! Just always make sure your friends and family support you. No one should ever look down on you for your decision. It’s a totally different lifestyle but I still enjoy my life and have been so much happier with myself.
  5. Use Pinterest Like Crazy – I look at pinterest every day to see what dairy-free meals I can cook. From dairy-free protein cookies to dairy-free mac & cheese, I get a lot of my inspiration from there. It’s also nice to see other people out there who live the same lifestyle as me and are sharing recipes.

Have any other questions about being dairy-free? Feel free to reach out to me. I would love to hear from you!

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My Dairy-Free Lifestyle

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Hello everyone!! I’ve decided to get more personal with my blog and add more about my fitness and health. I recently started a dairy- free lifestyle a little over four months ago. For those of you who may not know, I use to be crazy about food. I ate whatever I basically wanted – pizza on the weekend, pasta, breads, etc. I was never fat or overweight but I definitely did not feel tone or fit. I guess you could say I was “skinny fat”. I did work out. I did stuff at the gym, tried out insanity, was a member at a boxing club but for some reason I still was not achieving the body that I wanted. I went through the phase of crazy partying, going to festivals till the crack of dawn, but always just feeling like absolute crap every weekend. I would be hungover and ate like shit. Let’s be real, we all have been there. I would be the one ordering a bagel with cream cheese or a massive burger with fries every weekend. I decided enough was enough and I really wanted to achieve that fit and tone body. I read many articles online about how giving up dairy made a lot of people feel great and energized and decided to give it a try. I was pretty good on not eating dairy during the week but weekends were my downfall (umm…3 slices of pizza!!!). I will admit it was extremely hard at first. I was exhausted, grumpy, and wanted to eat dairy so bad. I knew my body was trying to detox and I had to fight the urges. I changed up my diet too by eating whole foods (lots of veggies, lean meats, good fats, nuts, etc) to nourish my body. I cut out refined sugars and processed carbs and slowly my body was adjusting and my cravings for dairy were slowly going away. Now my body only craves healthy food. I don’t even think about eating dairy and I’ve never felt or looked better. I work out 5-6x a week and absolutely love working out now. I do NOT cheat on weekends to have that tiny of amount of dairy. If I go out to eat, I make sure there is no dairy used, which is why vegan restaurants are my best options. So what benefits have I noticed going diary-free?

  1. More energy– my energy levels increased. I don’t feel lazy or tired anymore and I’m actually always in the mood to workout! I now try to fit in a workout as much as I can
  2. Less bloated – dairy causes your stomach to feel bloated. You know that feeling. That feeling of being fat and being able to stretch your stomach out as if you looked pregnant. Well I have to say not eating dairy makes me feel skinny and my stomach is way less bloated!!
  3. Clearer skin – my skin cleared up a lot from cutting out dairy. There have been studies that show that dairy can cause acne. Eliminating dairy has allowed me to have clear and glowing skin. I’ve thrown out my foundation and only use a light BB cream now. I love it!! I am an advocate for natural beauty and less makeup
  4.  Weight loss – going dairy free has also allowed me to lose weight and with all my workouts that I have been doing, I look and feel way more fit and tone.

I am in love with my lifestyle now. I never want to live the lifestyle I had in the past because the way I feel now is so rewarding. I’ve even convinced some of my roommates to try dairy-free things! One of my favorite dairy-free things is my protein shake that I have everyday after a workout. It’s packed with 24 grams of protein and it literally tastes like a delicious milkshake. It comes in 3 different flavors- vanilla chai, chocolate, and berry. The chocolate is one of my favorites! If you would like to learn more about these amazing shakes or want to try ones that aren’t dairy-free, feel free to shoot me an email (tiffany@livinginheels.com) and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have! Stay posted, I will be adding more stuff on my fitness routine and some cool recipes that I’ve learned to make!

Stay healthy and active XOXO

Navy & Stripes

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Happy New Year everyone! It’s been so hard to get back into the swing of things. Trust me, I had to hit the snooze button so many times before getting up for work. I had a very nice long break from work and spent the holidays with my family. With the New Year upon us, I’ve made some resolutions that I am going to try to stick to. One of them trying to be a lot healthier. I usually am a healthy person in general but I’ve started making green juices on a daily basis. This year is about focusing on me and my career. As I’ve grown up I also have been gravitating to more neutrals for my wardrobe. I look for pieces that I can wear multiple ways and will never go out of style. Stripes are always a classic and I scored this amazing top for such a steal during the holidays. This sleeveless navy jacket was another great piece I found during my trip in London back in November. I wear this a lot for work and it’s such a great layering piece. I’m looking forward to the new year and I hope you will all continue to follow along with me on this journey.


Austin, Texas

Happy Monday everyone! Last week I returned back from an amazing and fun trip in Austin, Texas with my close girlfriends. It was my first time ever heading down south and I have to say I am in love with all the southern charm and delicious food that Austin has to offer. We had a jammed pack weekend full of activities, and fun shopping so I wanted to let y’all know some of the fun things to do when you’re in Austin. If you haven’t been yet, I highly suggest taking a trip down there! I plan on taking another trip down there very soon.

Day time activities: Since the weather was still hot down there (it was 90 degrees when we were down there), we hit up Barton Springs pool. It’s a three acres pool fed from underground springs with an average temperature of 68-70 degrees. It’s a great place to relax and catch a nice sun tan during the day. If you’re looking for something more fun that allows you drink alcohol, go to New Braunfels (located about an hour from Austin) and tube along the river with your friends. My friends and I rented a car for the day to get there. It is such a blast and if you’re the type of person that likes to “day drink” this is such a fun thing to do with your friends.

Top Things to do in Austin

Shopping: Of course I can never leave a state without doing some shopping. I was actually really excited to shop in Austin because I heard there are cute vintage stores and I also wanted to try on some cowgirl boots. Charm School Vintage is a cute vintage store with a lot of eclectic pieces. You can find cowgirl boots, beautiful fringe bags, and other fun vintage stuff. South Congress Ave had the best strip of fashionable and trendy boutiques. One of my favorites was Maya boutique. I purchased the cutest shearling vest there and am completely obsessed with it. This boutique had the best bohemian pieces from fringe booties, flowy tops, to beautiful kimonos. I literally wanted everything.

Austin Shopping - fashion

Eateries: I honestly wish I could remember all the places we ate at, but I only remember a few. Trust me, the food down in Texas is amazing. If you love BBQ, or tex mex you are in the right state. The portions at every place we ate at were huge, so sharing plates down there with your friends is completely normal. Chuy’s was one of my favorite tex mex spots. They have a delicious make your queso bar during happy hour and the taco salad is a must try there! We had delicious BBQ at Cooper’s BBQ after we tubed down the river in New Braunfels. The brisket is to die for and the ribs were also very delicious. Make sure to also get their mac and cheese and baked potato. On our last day in Austin, we had delicious burgers at Hopdoddy Burger Bar. This place has a variety of delicious burgers that you will have your mouth watering over. I had the seared tuna burger with wasabi dressing (literally amazing). You also have to and i mean HAVE TO try one of their rich and sweet milkshakes. I have such a sweet tooth so I ordered the red velvet milkshake. It was incredible. Picture a creamy milkshake topped with real cake pieces and whipped cream. I honestly wish I was sipping on it now as I’m writing this post!

Austin Dining

Nightlife: I love Austin nightlife! It’s similar to NYC but it’s definitely a lot more casual down there. There are different parts that you can check depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking to get wild and relive those college memories of blacking out and not giving a F*** then East 6th Street (also called the “dirty 6”) is the place to check out. It’s a street closed off with no cars and you can just roam the streets and barhop. We went to the Blind Pig on the dirty 6 and had a blast. The rooftop bar is a fun area to meet people and grab drinks. If you’re looking to dress up and hit up more “club” like places then West 6th street is the place to go. There are a ton of fun lounges that play house music that you can dance to with your friends. Pop and Concrete Cowboy were some of my faves. The Summit (located on 5th street) was my favorite of all. It’s like a lounge/club with an amazing rooftop where the DJ plays awesome house music. If you’re really looking to dance and have a fun night, check this spot out. A great Sunday Funday spot is Rainey Street. It’s a street full of houses that turned into bars. Icenhauer’s has a live band that plays from 4-7 and if you’re there make sure to get their large mason jar filled with delicious sangria.

Austin is such a fun city and if  you and your friends are looking for a taste of southern charm this city is a must see!

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shop what to wear to Austin below:


I’ve come to the point where I’m no longer 21 (even though I wish I was 21 forever). As birthdays passed by, I’ve learned something about myself every year and now that I’m in my mid twenties I’ve really evaluated my life and have decided on things I should truly invest in. Listen, I wish I could be back in college and party the way I use to or be a reckless young 23 year old having fun and wasting away my hard earned money but eventually we all have to grow up somewhat…right? So here is my list of the top 10 things every girl should invest in when you’re in your mid twenties.

1. A Classic Black Blazer – you need one, trust me. If you’re going on an interview or looking to elevate your outfit, a black blazer is your answer. You will have it for years and it will never go out of style.  black blazer - fashion and style

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