Thursday, January 19, 2012

Funky Heels

United Nude Heels | Rag & Bone Jeans | H&M Blouse | Gucci Vintage Crossbody Bag | Michael Kors Watch | Nordstorm Bracelet | Vince Camuto Bangles | Town House No. 620 Necklace

Tomorrow is finally Friday! Thank god! This week has been crazy hectic for me, so I apologize for my lack in posts. These pictures were taken inside my boyfriend's apartment because it is seriously way too cold to even think about taking them outside...even though I already did take some outside over the weekend (crazy me!). Like I have mentioned before in my last posts, I am seriously obsessed with bright neon colors. It is a major trend for spring and I found this really nice neon yellow blouse from H&M. They have some great neon color selections, so definitely check it out when you have time to do some shopping for yourself. I love these crazy heels from United Nude. They are so funky and different. They are definitely not your typical heel and that is what I love about it. They stand out so much and can make such a simple outfit pop!


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